Peggy Daisey, Ph.D

Peggy Daisey, Ph.D. has been a professor in Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University for 21 years. She teaches a secondary content area literacy course and practicum. She is widely published in literacy journals, as well as mathematics, business, history, and Spanish education journals. She has had many grants in the past relating to science and mathematics, storytelling, biographies, and writing. She is the co-director of the Thinking as an Artist in Core Curriculum Subjects grant with River Rouge.



Deborah Harmon, Ph.D

Elementary Literacy Consultant



Janet Mayotte

My role involves functioning as an elementary literacy consultant in collaboration with elementary classroom teachers/school literacy coaches, art teachers, art-integration consultants, and preservice teachers to apply “thinking like an artist” to classroom instruction to further students’ language/literacy development as well as simultaneously furthering students’ conceptual knowledge/expressions in the visual arts. I will be assisting with the writing of lesson plans, gathering language/literacy resources relating to ELA/Art lesson integration, and assisting with lesson classroom presentations (observing/assisting/monitoring). I will be accompanying the weekly preservice teachers’ on-site visits as well.

Elementary Technology Instructor


Nancy Copeland, Ed.D.

Nancy L. Copeland is a Professor of Educational Media and Technology (EDMT) in Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University and holds an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and a Ed.M in Business Education.  She has more than 20 years combined experience teaching in higher education and conducting teacher professional development.

Math Consultant

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Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner


Project Director



Robert Carpenter, Ph.D.

Art Consultant

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Trevor Stone






Art Integration Consultant



Claudia Burns